Friday, 12 February 2010

A Beautiful Summer Evening in Adelaide

Niki and I have been sitting out in the veggie garden listening to the myriad of birds in the neighbourhood trees  settle down for the night.

We have enjoying the cool breeze rustling through the trees.

We have had a hot week in Adelaide, so it is wonderful to have a cool day, to walk the dogs, do a bit of gardening, play with water outside with my grandson and then go for a walk and practice bird calls, we can do crows really well.

We are still practicing kookaburras, although we can hop like kangaroos really well.

The tomatoes and capsicums are ripening slowly.

We are picking cucumbers, chillies and basil each day.

It is hot and dry in South Australia, hard to grow some veggies in summer but we put up shade cloth on hot days and we are able to grow most summer veggies.

I have even managed to make a variety of pickles, chutneys and relishes!


Lisa Carroll-Lee said...

Our summers are the same. Lots of gardeners here treat summer like the fallow season and just let things rest. I can't bring myself to do so, just yet. Too addicted to gardening!

chaiselongue said...

It sounds wonderful from here in the northern hemisphere where spring seems to be here one day, then gone the next!

Chris said...

You seem to have a very nice place. Lots of trees and animals like a farm. There's probably a forest nearby too, huh? I'd like a place like that too so I can plant to my heart's content.

Ian said...

Hi Maggie, sitting in the UK, summer evenings seem a long way away, although, as Chaiselongue says, spring is trying to arrive here with a beautiful sunny day which is still bitterly cold.
I'm planning to visit Australia one day and hope to meet you and listen to those perfected bird calls as well as tasting the home made chutneys.