Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fun in the Garden

Kate's Farewell 

Today was a beautiful day here in Adelaide and some of us Seedsavers met for lunch at the beautiful Urrbrae House in the Waite University grounds to view Basketry SA’s amazing exhibition of contemporary woven works of art.

We also said goodbye to Kate who leaves for Tasmania soon.

I made a presentation bouquet of a lovely organic cabbage from Doof Doof on Duthy Street ($3) and forever thoughtful Deb had prepared a pantry starter kit.

The kit contained some sour dough bread starter, some elderberry jam, some elderflower champagne, some bean seeds and some pickled limes which delighted Kate for more than my cabbage (no not really).

We shared a basil pesto, fetta salad roll, some biodynamic raspberry muffins from Deb and some of Meg’s cous cous salad and stuffed eggs.

Deb poured some of her lovely elderflower champagne and Bob was photographer again.

We chatted about Deb’s courses which start this Sunday, about our gardens, about Tasmania and holidays we shall all be planning there now.

Once again we met, laughed a lot, shared delicious home grown produce and had a great time.

Have fun in Tassie Kate.

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Kate said...

Thanks so much Maggie and everyone who came, it was a really lovely time and I will cook the cabbage how you showed me, for Hugh's BBQ on Saturday!

All readers of this blog are welcome to contact me if you think you might like to come to Tasmania and see me. See this link where I will be writing about my garden: