Monday, 1 March 2010

Weaving Magic in Adelaide Gardens Today

Garden of Unearthly Delights

Today, Monday the 1st day of March 2010, Adelaide welcomes thousands of people from all over the globe as it hosts a myriad of amazing events.

Some of the events in Adelaide this week include The Adelaide Festival of Arts, The Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide Writers Week, Artist’s Week, Womadelaide and The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

A highlight for us as gardeners is the magic of woven garden materials created by the very talented members of Basketry SA in their Warp on the Wild Side exhibition, including Deb Cantrill from Nirvana Organic Farm.

This is a contemporary basketry exhibition which reflects a diverse range of techniques displaying intricate patterns, flowing lines, expected shapes and sculptural forms using plant fibres found in Waite Arboretum. Besides the beautiful woven items in the exhibition there are also many items for sale.

Deb’s dragon fly and gnomes house are amazing and can be seen at Urrbrae House from 11 to 4pm daily.

More excitement for us today is the appearance of the beautiful turmeric flower seen above and the yummy cheese and zucchini pie we had for dinner.

If you are in Adelaide and would like to meet up with some of us Seedsavers, Kate, Deb and I shall be at Urrbrae House, or wandering around the rose garden or walking the newly created wooden tree trunk labyrinth in the grounds from 1:30 pm Wednesday, please say hello we would love to meet you.


Heiko said...

Well won't make it to Adelaide today, but a turmeric flower! How beautiful is that. How did you grow it? If you can grow it in relatively cool Adelaide sure it would be ok in Italy? Can't get the stuff here for love or money and keep on having to beg coming over from the UK.

Maggie said...

Check out this Turmeric harvest Heiko
We just buy organic turmeric and plant it.
We use shade cloth to protect it on really hot days. Adelaide has become more "tropical" and hotter than it used to be.