Friday, 19 March 2010

Indian Curry Leaf Tree - Seeds, Berries and Leaves

Curry Leaf Tree Berries & Chillies1

Do you know what this tree is?  Well it is the Indian Curry Leaf tree (Murraya koenigii syn.).

A favourite cooking ingredient in Sri Lankan and South Indian Cuisines.

Check out Wikipedia information on the Curry Tree or Isobell Shipard's description of the Tree

I love this tree, I use the leaves in South Indian recipes.

Nothing can compare to the flavour the leaves impart to curries, Indian rice dishes and baked goods.

I freeze some curry leaf leaves in summer when they are green and flavour full and then use them in winter when the leaves turn brownish in the cold weather.

I love the way the leaves fall on the branches and the fragrance as you brush past this tree in the garden.

To grow a curry leaf tree, simply eat the outside of the berry and then plant the seed in a pot, keep it moist sheltered from extreme temperature. Do not eat the seeds, they are poisonous.


Ewa said...

so interesting to see it finally - this is one of my favourite spices, but I have never seen how it grows :)
Thanks for sharing,

Maggie said...

Hi Ewa,
This tropical plant would not grow in your part of the globe.
How do you buy it and use it?

Heiko said...

Ooh, I lived in Southern India for a bit and love curry leaves. I used to get them in London dried, but can't get hold of them for love or money. This wouldn't grow in Northern Italy would it? If so I'd love a couple of those seeds!

Maggie said...

My friend who grows them says you have to eat the fruit and put the seed straight in the ground because they are not viable if they dry.
I would love to send you some plants but Aussie customs are so strict we are not even allowed to send a lot of plants interstate.
There were only 2 types of seeds Kate could take to Tassie.
I have not dried the leaves as they loose flavour but shall try this. Maybe I could send you dried leaves but they do not have the fresh aromatic flavour that the fresh leaves have.

7:24 AM

Heiko said...

Oh well, never mind. Thanks anyway. :-(

Jamie said...

Hello, yours is looking very healthy. I've been growing a curry leaf tree in a pot for many years here in Sydney. It's actually a bit weedy here. I have baby curry leaf trees coming up around its base all the time, and I find just whacking a whole berry into some potting mix produces a seedling very readily.

I've seen koel cuckoo birds eating the seeds, and so I guess they're spreading it further afield. I know that the further north it is grown on the east coast, the weedier it becomes, as they love the warm, moist summers here.

I'm in the inner city, and so none of this stops me growing the tree, which I use in cooking, but it is useful for people close to bushland areas of the East Coast to know about the risks of planting one.

Maggie said...

Hi Jamie,
I have read your blog and the risk of the curry leaf plant becoming a weed in warmer climates, I was actually going to put a link to your article about the birds eating the berries and spreading the seed, but I was rushing to do this article and though I would mention it another time.
Here in hot, dry Adelaide I keep my curry plants under shade in summer and protected from the cold in winter.I think there is no way the seeds would germinate if spread by birds in our hot dry summers.

Pablo (yo) said...

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Flower Donegal said...

I didn't know that a curry leaf tree existed. Amazing.

Thanks for sharing the post.
Aanee xxx,
Dublin Flower Shop

Unknown said...

Please send me 3-4 Curry Leaf seeds.
please email me, i will send you my address.

Unknown said...

Please send me 3-4 Curry Leaf seeds.
please email me, i will send you my address.


Anonymous said...

Hi, we pulled out our tree as it was becoming so big and spreading, still trying to get rid of baby ones coming up. Murphies Law, we are now trying to get about 1kg of leaves and was wondering if you would be prepaired to sell us some. Hopefully Fran

Rani said...


I am looking for some curry plant seeds. Please let me know if you can mail it and the cost. My email: Thanks much.


Radhika said...

I'm staying in adelaide and trying to get few seeds to grow my own plant. Please let me know what it would cost for posting the same. my email id is
thanks a ton

Reema said...

What is berry name ?

In search for RESOLUTION..... said...

Hi Maggie,

Would you please let me know where would i get the curry leaves seeds in Adelaide, as i am very Keen in growing it in my backyard.


Anonymous said...

In Melbourne u could get seedlings in most Indian shops even till midwinter,I have a good one,best to plant one against a north facing wall in spring,the seeds are edible,my wife loves them and she is alive

Anonymous said...

I'm an expat Aussie living in Malaysia. Potted trees are easily grown on my apartment balcony. Best way I to grow is to just squeeze the seed from the fruit and plant. Never had a problem with this method.

Anonymous said...


debbie said...

Hi all, mine has a few berries now. Do I wait until they are black before I pick them to replant?

Dhyan Marga (Carola) said...

Hello, I love in Adelaide in Camden Park and have quite a few ripe berries on the tree. Happy to share, let me know I I will give you my phone number.
I love eating the berries, not the seeds. A young Indian woman told me it is good to eat 2 or 3 a day.
Any ideas on that, I love them so much.
Good health!

Unknown said...

Do you still have some berries or small plant that grows around the Main tree. I am looking for planting my own.

Many thanks...

Unknown said...

Hi, Looking for some seeds for Indian Curry leaves in Adelaide. Please let me know if someone wants to share plants/seeds...

Unknown said...

Hi Dhyan
I would like to get some seeds if you can share some please.

Unknown said...

I am looking for some curry leaf seeds in Adelaide if anyone can help me please.

Kathryn said...

My curry leaf tree has berries on it and I can offer some berries to residents who wish to grow a tree.
I live in Plympton.
0439 896 160

Unknown said...

Hi Kathryn,

I would like to have some berries. I was in search for them from so long. I will PM you on number you have provided.


Anonymous said...

I am curious why you say berries are poisonous, yet birds eat them and spread around? I had eaten a few before and had no issues. Are there any studies or is it that they are poisonous in large quantities?

Anonymous said...

It seems that the berries are edible, but the seeds are toxic

Anonymous said...

I want to know as well, I too have eaten them, as far as I know I m healthy