Thursday, 25 March 2010

Turmeric flowers and leaves

Turmeric flower and leaves

One of the loveliest surprises this year in our summer garden was the beautiful flowers on the turmeric plant.

Dried and fresh turmeric root has amazing health properties so we look forward one day to harvesting some delicious turmeric root to add to our curries, soups, veggie burgers and vegetable pates.

Now if you want to read more about home harvesting of turmeric and ginger please check out Julie’s blog Towards Sustainability.

Julie lives in Newcastle New South Wales and if you check out her blog entries for Ginger harvest Saturday July 4 2009 and her entry for her Turmeric harvest Thursday July 2 2009 you will be amazed at her harvest for last year.

I reckon Julie is a garden hero!


Kate said...

This is so so special Maggie.And it was even more amazing when I saw it in your garden. Does it have a scent?

I wonder if I could grow one in my glass house here in Cygnet.

africanaussie said...

I got some starters from my neighbour, who doest harvest hers at one time as Julie does, just keeps picking what she needs. It seems to keep fine in "natures pantry".

Tracy said...

Hi Maggie,
Your turmeric flower is lovely. Julie sent me some of her turmeric in 2008 and I have been growing from that stock since. It really is a lovely lush looking plant thanks for sharing the pictures.

Minni Mum said...

Hi Maggie,
Thank you for the links! Your flowers are gorgeous - I think I'd grow turmeric almost for the flowers alone, but it's medicinal qualities are even more impressive. Like Africanaussie, this year I'm going to (mostly) harvest the turmeric and ginger piece by piece to compare the storability (is that a word?) in the ground, although I'll still remove a big batch to dry.

Enjoy yours!


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

WOW! This is amazing, really!!