Sunday, 4 April 2010

Excel Fig

 Excel Fig

The excel fig has to be the sweetest fig we have ever tasted.

It has a rich luscious flavour and is great eaten fresh or made into ice cream (whipped cream, chopped Australian pecans & fig puree which is then frozen).

We bought this fig as a cutting from Julie at the SA Rare Fruit Society, thanks Julie we love this fig tree.


Ewa in the Garden said...

it looks so delicious! consider yourself lucky to to have this tree in your garden :)

africanaussie said...

Ooooh I love figs, and that one looks so delicious.

Kate said...

I have never heard of this fig even, Maggie and to think I have been missing out on it all this time! Julie has some wonderful figs.... it is wonderful to be able to get things at the Rare Fruitloops!!