Friday, 9 April 2010

The Bees and the Rainbow Lorikeets and the Palm Flower

We made this video this week when we were walking the dogs in the early evening.

This palm tree looked like something you would see in the tropics rather than dry old Adelaide.

It was so much fun to see masses of bees and rainbow lorikeets having a supper feast we raced home to get the camera.

We hope you enjoy this video it gets a bit blurring in places but comes clear at the end.


africanaussie said...

I never tire of seeing wild birds here that are expensive caged birds in other parts of the world! thanks for sharing, Maggie.

Andrew said...

Hi Maggie
There's a whole flock of Rainbow Lorikeets in there! Enjoying the nectar, no doubt. These lorikeets have emigrated into South Australia from the eastern states of Australia - they were rarely seen here forty years ago. Palms like this one and flowering eucalypts on the drought-proof Adelaide Plains have given them a chance to breed up. But sadly, they seem to have displaced the smaller Musk Lorikeets.
This video certainly raises the bar on blogging! Well done!

Maggie said...

Thanks Andrew I did not know the name of the birds and it was great to see so many bees (not very visible on the video). Urrbrae High has hives and I buy their honey so I reckon they are Urrbrae bees.
We always make sure we have plenty of herbs or flowers in the garden for the bees.
Do you have lots of bees up north Gillian?

africanaussie said...

We have a neighbour about 2 kms away who has hives. Once we had a whole "family"? of bees re-locate their hive in our garden, but they came and picked them up again and moved them back. We get the odd bee buzzing around, and also the tiny native bees.