Friday, 30 April 2010

Aubergine ( Bringal, Eggplant ) - a vegetable for cooks to enjoy!


This has been a great season in Adelaide for growing aubergines most of us are still harvesting this good looking vegetable.

Aubergine has a distinctive flavour and is delicious when freshly picked, sliced, sprinkled with salt, brushed with olive oil and grilled, baked or fried.

Store bought aubergine often needs to be sprinkled with salt, weighted for 1/2 an hour and then rinsed to remove any bitterness. I have found that this is not necessary with plump, fresh, organically grown aubergines as they are not bitter at all.

Aubergine is great when added to Indian coconut curries, Mediterranean tomato pasta sauces, onion bhajis, mushroom and olive filo parcels, vegetarian burgers, lasagnes, beef or lamb casseroles, meatballs, kebabs and moussaka.

The flavour of aubergine is enhanced with the use of herbs and spices particularly garlic and oregano. But there are many ways to use these purple fruits of the summer garden.

TASTING AUSTRALIA 2010 is happening here in Adelaide this weekend. I wonder if the chefs of the world can cook as well as some of us Adelaide kitchen gardeners gardeners can?

When you have your own organically grown, freshly picked, seasonal produce you have a great pantry of flavours and colours and textures to create with. Or better still lots of our produce can be eaten straight from the garden.

Freshly picked beans and peas, heirloom tomatoes and apples, lettuce, rocket and basil, mandarins and pomegranates, watercress and radishes, lemons and fresh broccoli need no chef or cook, just hungry hands to pick them.

Have a great weekend, whether you are planting or picking or just relaxing and eating.


africanaussie said...

Mmmm, Maggie, you have got my tastebuds tingling... my eggplant are just now coming into their own up here in the tropics. Lots of lovely flowers and at least four baby fruit already. I will be looking for recipes soon! You have a great wekend too. Gillian

chaiselongue said...

I love aubergines and your post has made me think of summer, which is just about to start here. We planted our aubergine plants out yesterday.

I've only once in many, many years of buying, growing and cooking aubergines come across one that tasted bitter - but maybe they are different in Australia!