Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Autumn arrives in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills

Autumn in the Adelaide Hills

On Sunday we went to the Stirling Autumn Festival to buy some organic seedlings from Diana and Jen. We loved the scarecrows on display as well as the music and all the other plant stalls.

We went to Winterwood Garden and enjoyed the African music, food and garden.

Then we went to visit Deb’s Nirvana Organic farm to buy some fresh Chestnuts for roasting.

Everywhere there was gorgeous orange and red autumn leaves and lush green grass after the recent rain.

So Autumn has arrived, our seedlings and planted seeds are growing and we are looking forward to eating all the Asian and Italian green vegetables we have planted or sown.

The paddocks across the road have tinges of green grass.

All summer as my grandson and I looked at the bare dry, golden paddocks I would say to him “ when the rains come the grass will grow and when the grass grows then the cows will come back to that paddock to eat the grass”.

He is only two so I was wandering if he would remember this. Today was the test. So I asked him as we gazed at the paddock and the tufts of green grass what would happen when the grass grows and the paddock is green again, what will happen?

His reply came quickly “Cows”, yes, well done little one, the grass will be green soon and your favourite cows will be back in the paddock munching away at the grass and having a feast! And when you come to visit you will be able to watch these ever so big cows lead a happy, healthy life grazing in the paddocks.


Kate said...

Lovely, Maggie.... what a happy little scene you paint. Rain in Adelaide transforms everything and makes people smile.

Christina said...

Ah, rain. It is such a wonderful thing.

Also wonderful is the corn in the giant planters AND the raised bed labyrinth. I'm inspired.