Saturday, 1 December 2007


Do you remeber this ? Barb toasting the start of the Hills and Plains Seedsavers with a foam cup full of... a tomato seedling she had grown herself!

I put the post below on when our blog was very new, in December 2006 and it is good advice, even if I did write it myself. Tomorrow morning , in my watering time-slot I am going to follow my own advice again. Since then I have tried using a watering can to apply seasol but I lifted it up to get it onto the leaves of my lemon tree and managed to pour it out of the back of the watering right down inside my shirt. I smelt like decomposed fish bait all day, even after a shower! Spraying it on is the best way, believe me.

"How did your garden go during the recent hot weather? One day last week I sprayed the whole garden with one of those hose-on packs of seasol, mixed with a liquid called 'WormWorks', that my sister-in-law had given me months ago for my birthday. We (the garden and I) smelt pretty organic for a few hours and I did wonder if it was really any use. Then the hot weather came and I went into total hibernation inside, with my friend the airconditioner (evap, of course). I barely emerged for 48 hours until this morning (Sunday). I will tell you what I found - everything blooming happily, even the little lettuce seedlings (not that they were blooming with flowers, just with life!). So amazing is this that I thought I should share it with you. Now I am on the lookout for something to spray on me to make me flourish when its 40 degrees."

Have a look back at some of the things that have been happening on the blog over the last year and notice the gradual increase in the number of posts per month and everybody's improvements at getting things to go right, like the photos. Writing has become less formal as we have got to know each other and our horizons have broadened with the discovery of Pattie, KGI and lots of other great stuff on the internet. I feel like that little girl in the real-estate ad when I say "Thank you Mr Google!" and thank you to all of the Hills and Plains Seedsavers for joining up to the blog and making it such fun.


Pattie Baker said...

I have been very inspired by your group--and realize I need my own little Hills and Plains Seedsavers Group, come the New Year. It's time for me to connect locally as well, with other kitchen gardeners whose gardens I pass but whose names I still don't know!

Maggie said...

Its lovely to see Diana ,the smiley one on the left in the green t shirt I wish she was not so busy and could come to our gatherings. We should all meet at the Willunga bakery one day, they make great pies.

Maggie said...

I have an idea I shall bring a basket when we go to the botanic gardens and everyone bring a little something for Diana, she is vegetarian. I might have a go at making soap as I was so delighted with the soap Pattie sent me for hosting Flat Stanley. I am making Diana a gift recipient as a symbol of our group and to thank her for her generous spirit.

Kate said...
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Kate said...

I wish Diana would come along now and again, after all, she helped start the group !I'm in for going down there via the bakery, if we can organise it with her.