Sunday, 2 December 2007

Hills on the Plains

Hills Hoist 006Hills Hoist 043

In some States of America and some other countries it is illegal to dry your clothes outside, how crazy is that!

I remember an old "domestic science " teacher telling a group of 12 year old girls how wonderful it is to smell the sunshine on your sheets. We all giggled and got told off but I always think of her when I bring the warm sheets from outside and squash them against my face.

Well let me shock you, look over my side fence today and you will see a work of art, my new Hills large size collapsible clothes line.

My very talented Industrial Designer son designed this and I love, love, love it.

It has 32 little lines, 60 metres of line space and 64 hooks to hang shirts on. The whole darn wash fits on it and it glides effortlessly up and down.

Remember the old steel Hills Hoists (Icon of South Australia and included in the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony) they were hard work to wind up sometimes.

My hoist folds down so you can store it away and put an umbrella in the base if you are having a garden party.

Okay now for the gardening bit, it did not take me too long to work out what I could do with my old hills hoist.

Bob is going to sew this shade cloth to fit properly cause he likes neat things, but for now this extra shade has brought this corner of the garden to life.

As the sun moves during the day it gives little bits of shade to tired plants. I shall be able to grow heaps more herbs and the potatoes love it.

I found this site yesterday check out this cool shade house. Gardening Australia - Hills Hoist Makeover (I actually like my air conditioned version better.)

I could say I would love to fill up our heat barren front yard with old hoists and shade cloth but I wont say that.

Hills Hoist 015 Hills Hoist 046


Pattie Baker said...

Oh, my goodness, Maggie. The board of directors of my neighborhood association would have a field day with this!

Kate said...

I think I would like to put one in the middle of the vegie garden. In winter you could leave it folded down and in summer you could put the shade cloth on. OK, I will scan the streets in the next hard rubbish week - I am sure to find a few. In fact it would also be good over the seed frame, with some of the height cut off. And on it goes.. but Roger may not like it, he cares about correct use of things whereas I am the opposite and like to find new uses for old things. Thanks Maggie.

Maggie said...

Last night I did a google search on the topic of illegal outside clothes dryers. These beliefs are scary stuff!
Check out this topic on the blog Garden Rant.
Al Gore is giving you a tie with washing pictures on it if you donate 100$ to Project Laundry List.
Community Associations in American require "well watered lawns" There is no water!