Friday, 4 April 2008


Look at all the rubbish that was found inside one baby turtle! And this is in our own backyard, in Queensland.
"A green turtle hatchling, six centimetres in length, washed up on North Stradbroke and died due to gut perforation through the ingestion of plastic marine rubbish. Its gut contained plastic bags, soft and hard plastic, and fishing line. The piece that killed the baby turtle was only about half the size of a fingernail. Another turtle, a sub-adult, died with a gut full of plastic bags, the largest of which was over 30 centimetres long.”
See Australia's Eco-Voice for more. This used to be a free, newspaper-style publication and is now an online newsletter that you can subscribe to. It often has interesting bits of information and is Australia based. Just go to the website home page and 'colour-in' the picture, its so cool and lovely!


Greg W said...

Oh, this is really heartbreaking.

What an awful way to die and such a preventable loss of wildlife.

I looked at Eco-Voice and found it very inrteresting. I especially like the Garden Angel device for re-using laundry water.


Anonymous said...

It's really sad reading this. We know it's happening but this is a very good reminder. Thanks for sharing it.