Sunday, 6 April 2008


One of the reasons I said we would have a table at the Sustainability Expo at Pt Noarlunga this weekend was because I love the beach there. I used to teach snorkelling for the Pt N. Aquatic Centre, when I was just out of uni. and the beach, the sea and the reef still have that special attraction for me. Not that we saw much of them on Saturday.

Chook and Peter and I headed down there yesterday and got ourselves set up with a board (that Deb kindly lent me) full of snippets and photos I printed off the blog and some little posters that Deb and I made at her place last week, and had laminated. Roger had helped me put a slide show of some blog posts onto Chook's laptop and we had this running too. I think it all looked pretty good. The other tables were home to various groups - Trees for Life, Urban Forests, Native Local Plants, Hillside Herbs, Enjo Cleaning Products, a lady making the most fabulous paper (see the photos link), and Diana's Bickleigh Farm Organic Seedlings and a few others.
It was a bit slow in the morning but by midday things picked up and we were busy telling people about what we do and talking about growing vegetables in general. I took these photos early in the day, before it got busy. I met some lovely people, from the little girls who played with Peter under the table to a couple that came especially to sign up to our group to an elderly lady who, in the style of the Silvio and the cucumber seeds, said she wanted me to have some of her special bulbs that she had brought in her handbag from New Zealand about 50 years ago! I must have the kind of face people feel they can trust, or something. It was really nice to share the day with Chook and Peter, and to have a great talk to Diana, as well as catch up with Jen and Diana's new helper, Hilary who is just so lovely. Thanks to Denis who will be down there for a couple of hours this (Sunday) morning and to Jill who offered to help out Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately I couldn't get anyone to go down for Sunday afternoon so the display will stay and Diana will pack it up for me.


Maggie said...

Looks like a great idea and the stall looks good.
Do you think they will have more expo's like this.

Kate said...

"They" will but, unless some more people (I don't mean you) help out this is the first and last for me!